Ginger Rangers is a 2D game adventure with Grandpa and his Grandchild to save their family and their city from the monster attacks. The game offers many stages with two different modes of gameplay.

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Mindless is a strange mind blowing game that asks the player to take decisions based on the psychological emotions of humans like anger, joy, and fear.

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Baloot Quest is a multiplayer trun-based Card game where you can play with your friends and enjoy the Baloot games rules. The game targets the gulf area in the MENA region especially Saudi Arabia.

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The Fairy Games are episodes of games based on the Grimm brother’s fairy tales where player experiences the original gore and thrilling adventures behind the famous stories such as Cinderella, Red riding hood and Bluebeard and many more

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Havoc EDGE is an action-adventure third person mobile game that takes place in a cyberpunk universe. The story begins with ‘Serenity’ which is a secret international governmental organization established after an incident that happened in 2084 and caused mysteriously the death of nearly 8400 persons for no known reasons.

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Things of Quality have no fear of time!

We strongly understand how committed and dedicated hardcore gamers are towards their console games. Our company aims to recreate the world of the mid/hardcore games on smartphones! We seek to attach our players emotionally towards our games in terms of both visual and gameplay mechanics, by offering iterative cycles of solutions that help us to explore more engaging and satisfying options for our hardcore players.

True gamers... That’s what we are, that’s what we aim for!

We started out in 2013 when we decided to design our own rocket of success and get the ball rolling within the game industry. As a startup, we have gone through lots of ups and downs, until we got incubation from the Venture lab at the American University in Cairo and later on our main investment that helped us scaling up our team and start working on our own personal projects. It's in our culture to wear many hats as employees since we believe that it helps us explore our potential and allows us to grow more on a personal level!

Cryptyd games, is a team of game developers, game artists and, creative game designers who believe in the power of mobile games to tell stories and, boost your gameplay experience using interactive storytelling and engaging game graphics.


What do we offer?


Fully functional game


High Performance proof of concepts

High Quality

AAA concept art and modeling quality


We offer the best for our clients!


We are happy to announce the release of Baloot Quest on iOS and Android

Baloot Quest is the best free online card game within the Arabian Gulf , since it excels upon others in terms of visual aesthetics , easy to play and, ease to connect with other players socially.

Meet our CEO at the GDC 2017

Now running his second venture, "Cryptyd Games", Ahmed Alaa is glad to attend the GDC 2017 event to show our games and how much we are passionate for developing games.

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